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McDonald's® of Guam donates to 2023 Mangilao Village Donné Festival

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

McDonald’s of Guam and Saipan is proud to support the Mangilao Village Donné Festival. This year the event will be held from Sept. 22-24. “McDonald’s is honored to support these cultural community events that bring together people from

all around the island. Mangilao will also be the location for our new McDonald’s in Guam next year and we’re excited to start serving the neighborhood village residents, students and professionals in the area,” says McDonald’s of Guam and

Saipan Vice President Joe Ayuyu, Jr.

“The Mangilao Community thanks McDonald's and our island community for their support toward this year's Donne' Festival! Mayor Allan Ungacta, or staff, and the

Municipal Planning Council work hard to identify ways for residents to be engaged and active. Through the generous donation of McDonald's, we are able to

purchase materials to improve lighting and safety for all festival-goers and vendors.

We are also very excited to receive this donation, as McDonald's will be

one of the newest "residents" in our village, moving in some time in 2024!,” says Mangilao Vice Mayor Kevin Delgado.

Photo L-R: McDonald’s of Guam and Saipan Vice President Joe Ayuyu, Jr. presents the $500 donation to Mangilao Municipal Planning Council Vice Mayor Kevin Delgado.


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