Ashley Ayuyu

Human Resources Director

Ashley Ayuyu is the Human Resources Director for McDonald's of Guam. In her role, she is responsible for all resource and recruitment planning for approximately 400 employees and compliance with labor and Human Resource-related laws for the 6 McDonald’s of Guam restaurants. She began her career in the Human Resources field in 2015, after serving as a Human Resources Assistant for McDonald’s of Saipan. Following the Ayuyu’s acquisition of 6 McDonald’s of Guam restaurants in May 2016, she moved to Guam and was promoted to Human Resources Director. Ashley has served as a member of the Guam Workforce Development Board since 2017 and is a member of the Guam Society of Human Resources and Guam Young Professionals. Ashley is the youngest of the Ayuyu children to join in the family business. She attended the University of Nevada in Reno.

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