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Majellyn Calceta

Organizational Instructor

Majellyn C. Calceta, the first to hold the title of Organizational Instructor for JCA Inc. and JCA Guam LLC. She started at McDonald's Corporation at the age of 16 as a crew member. She became the Administrative Assistant in 2005 when the Guam Main Office selected her for the position. In 2008, Pacifico Martir, Area Supervisor for the Corporation then, appointed Calceta to become the Human Resources and Purchasing Consultant for the Guam Market. When JCA Guam LLC acquired McDonald's of Guam from the corporation in 2016, the Owner/Operator and President Joe Ayuyu envisioned his organization to have a Subject Matter Expert, Calceta's positive attributes didn't go unnoticed. Calceta attained various classes and training through McDonald's e-Learning virtual classes, called CAMPUS. Trainer Success, Physical Skills, and Image Training to name a few. In January 2017, Calceta led the very first empowered class called Leadership Transitions. She recently became a Registered ServSafe Examination Proctor, another first for the JCA Guam LLC organization.

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