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McDonald's of Saipan rewards $5,000 to William S. Reyes Elementary School

McDonald’s of Saipan hosted a fundraising campaign for all CNMI PSS elementary schools that started on March 1, 2023 and ended on March 19, 2023. McDonald’s of Saipan’s fundraising campaign “Race to Raise” encouraged all who purchased meals at McDonald’s of Saipan to drop their receipt with a minimum purchase of $15 into a drop box labeled with the elementary school they would like to support. The campaign consisted of a friendly competition for the CNMI PSS elementary schools to race by getting the most receipts to win cash prize of up to $5,000, but this is truly a donation in support of education in the CNMI. McDonald’s of Saipan believes school fundraising gets families and the community involved, along with benefiting student’s teamwork. Quote from Mr. Joe Ayuyu Sr. “McDonald’s of Saipan emphasizing their values of integrity, community, and family, and we passionate in the young generation to learn and develop important skills for their bright futures.” The first-place winner of McDonald’s of Saipan’s “Race to Raise” goes to William S. Reyes Elementary school, with a total of 602 receipts! McDonald’s of Saipan congratulations WSR Elementary school for getting their faculty, staff, students, and families to participate and fundraise for a great cause.


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