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McDonald’s welcomes NMPMG athletes with artistic wall mural

On Wednesday, June 15th, McDonald’s of Saipan unveiled a special hand-painted wall mural in celebration of the upcoming Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games. The wall mural was created to serve as a backdrop to welcome athletes, coaches and visitors from all around the Pacific. McDonald’s is proud to highlight the Mini Games in a creative, vibrant and artistic way.

“We wanted McDonald’s to become a part of the social conversation surrounding the upcoming Pacific Mini Games. By featuring this unique artwork at one of our restaurants, we get to be a part of that conversation and experience that our customers have,” says Vice President Marcia Ayuyu. “We also recognize that, for some, this may be their first time visiting our McDonald’s restaurants and we want to do our part in showcasing our hospitality and artistic talents that we have on island,” she adds.

The artwork was envisioned, created and brought to life by local artist Yolani Camacho. It features a blend of the different Mini Games sports that will be featured. “When creating this piece around the Pacific Games, I was searching for the ways in which we are all united, other than the sports themselves. The first thing that came to mind was that we are all connected by the sea..and so I used that as a focal point of the mural. After finding that focal point, it was a matter of incorporating the sports, other elements related to our island, and of finding the right mix of colors for each element to pop,” shares Camacho.

The mural took nearly 2.5 weeks to complete and has been the largest project that Camacho has completed to date. “It has been an amazing experience painting this piece and I truly hope everyone enjoys it,” says Camacho.

“On behalf of McDonald’s of Saipan, we’d like to thank Yolani for teaming up with us on this special project. It turned out beautifully and we are excited to share this with our entire community as we come together in celebration and support of the Northern Marianas Pacific Mini Games,” says Mable Ayuyu Glenn, Executive Assistant for McDonald’s of Guam and Saipan.

The wall mural will be available at the main entrance of the McDonald’s Middle Road restaurant from June 15th through June 30th for a limited time only. Stop by today to take a selfie or group photo with the mural! Snap and photo and hashtag #MCDxNMPMG

About the Artist

Yolani Camacho began her passion for art at an early age and was inspired by her mother. Her interest was peaked when her mother helped her draw a hummingbird for one of her first grade science projects. Intrigued with how beautifully her mother drew, Yolani discovered a whole new world of art. She considers art as an escape from reality and a form of expression for her emotions and thoughts. “It holds a great importance in my life and has helped me through some of the toughest times of my life,” she adds. Yolani says the support of her family, friends and strangers alike have allowed her to find purpose in her passion. She uses art as a form of connecting with people and sharing peaceful feelings to others through the art that she creates.

About McDonald’s of Guam & Saipan

McDonald’s of Guam & Saipan, locally owned and operated by Franchisee’s Joe & Marcia Ayuyu, is the leading food service restaurant chain in the Mariana Islands. First opened in 1993, the organization includes 8 McDonald’s restaurants, 2 on Saipan and 6 on Guam. In 2016, the Ayuyu’s acquired all McDonald’s restaurants on Guam and has remained one of the largest employers.


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