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Ethan Castro, McDonald's® Crew Member's generosity shines through

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

McDonald's of Guam and Saipan proudly recognizes the extraordinary customer service provided by one of its employees, Ethan Castro, from the McDonald’s of Guam Maite location. On the evening of July 25th, a heartwarming experience occurred at the Maite McDonald's drive-thru, demonstrating the true embodiment of McDonald's Mission and Values. A customer in the drive-thru experienced Ethan’s generosity when she realized she had forgotten her wallet at work after placing her order. Ethan, a young and dedicated crew member who had only worked at the McDonald’s of Maite location for four months, recognized the situation. Despite the customer not explicitly stating they couldn’t pay for the full order, Ethan had offered to cover the rest of the order from his own pocket.

Ethan said he was inclined to pay the rest of the order after noticing the customer had children. “I saw she had kids in her car and they kept saying hi to me,” says Ethan. “She was a bit short on her order and I saw she had kids so I took out my wallet and just paid the rest.” Ethan, the oldest of 10 siblings, says his actions are motivated by him wanting to make his family proud, especially his mother, Jazmine Lujan. Ethan says he also enjoys interacting with the customers and making jokes to make them laugh. “I watch people on social media helping others a lot so I wanted to do the same thing. I felt good.” He believes that treating customers the way the way you want to be treated is the best advice for others looking to provide the same exceptional customer service.

“Ethan has shown exemplary customer service and displays the true value of living up to the McDonald’s mission and values. Please extend my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation and, most of all this feedback, to Ethan. He made my children very happy, and if they had the choice, they would eat McDonald’s every day. McDonald’s of Guam is lucky to have Ethan. Kudos to Ethan for making my experience a wonderful one, and most of all unparalleled,” says the customer. “Ethan's extraordinary customer service is a great example for everyone in the service industry.

His act of kindness and dedication to our customers is truly remarkable and we are proud to have him on our team. Thank you so much Ethan for making our customers' experiences exceptional," says Vice President Joe E. Ayuyu Jr. In recognition of Ethan's exceptional customer service and unwavering dedication, McDonald's of Guam and Saipan presented Ethan with a gift bag included with an exclusive pin and McDonald’s sweater. His actions exemplify the values that McDonald's holds dear, and he serves as an inspiration to all employees across the organization.


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