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McDonald's® of Guam and Saipan participate in Global Volunteer Month

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

On Saturday, September 16, 2023, McDonald's of Guam and Saipan crew, managers and office staff celebrated Global Volunteer Month by participating in the Guam and Saipan 2023 International Coastal Clean-Up.

The International Coastal Clean-Up (ICC) is an annual event hosted by the Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality. The event encourages individuals and companies to clean our beaches, coastlines and roadside to promote a cleaner and greener environment.

"We're happy to do our part and to bring our values to life. 'Community' is one of our values at McDonald's and we're highlighting the importance of community service by participating in this event every year," says McDonald's Guam and Saipan Executive Assistant Mable Glenn.

Throughout September, McDonald's is celebrating Global Volunteer Month, an annual initiative where McDonald's comes together to invest in local neighborhoods and give back to our communities we serve all over the world.


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