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McDonald's of Saipan names 2022 Employees of the Year

McDonald’s of Saipan has awarded Employee of the Year from both restaurants during its 2022 Annual Employee Appreciation Party. Employee of the Year is an award given to those who exceeds in their attendance, performance, attitude, friendliness, initiative, and willingness to learn. The Employee of the Year was given exclusive McDonald’s merch, $10 gift certificate to Regal Cinema, and over $200!

Jay B. Achondo, not only received Employee of the Year but a 5-year service award. Working graveyard shifts at McDonald’s of Saipan in Garapan, his balance of work and family time is admirable by his managers, especially his punctuality and positive mindset. Working graveyard shifts allows him to take care of his kids during the day without affecting his schedule. Knowing every station and position, he is an all-around employee working and helping anywhere in operation. Comments from his General Manager, Ruthzel Perez “Since the beginning, Jay shows his commitment to his work with a positive attitude, willingness to learn, and takes pride in every job well done. The managers and co-workers count on him in every situation when time gets tough and challenging in the restaurant. Jay follows procedures and asks questions if new things come up.”

Some comments from Jay, “My kids motivate me to go in work every day. Everything I do, is for them. I was very surprised to be awarded Employee of the Year, but I felt proud of myself for this achievement. I’d spend the money I received on my kids; they are always my first priority. I’ve learned quite a few things like opening up more to the people around me. I’ve made a lot of great friends in my workplace and I’m glad to have met them.”

John Michael R. Navarro has been with McDonald’s of Saipan in Chalan Lau Lau for only 1 year and has been awarded Employee of the Year. As a working student, he manages his time and excels in his studies and in work. His adaptability to be cross strained in different stations and positions, making him an all-around employee. Comments from his General Manager, Joyce Asistores “The managers and employees witnessed how he is very helpful to the team and how he supports others when needed. He serves every customer with a smile and does whatever it takes for customer satisfaction. With John Michael around, things become easier, lighter and fun.”

Some comments from John Michael, “What motivates me work is the environment. If one of my coworkers is hyped up to work, I get myself hyped up to work. McDonald’s has taught me the skills of every station: Beverage, Order Taker, Cashier, Grill, etc. and gave me the value of friendship. I was nervous during the Employee of the Year announcement I was shaking, but I will be using the award money to my savings.”


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