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McDonald's Proudly Sponsors the Northern Marianas Badminton Tournaments

McDonald's is excited to announce its bronze sponsorship of the Northern Marianas Badminton Open and Saipan International Tournaments. As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting local communities and promoting sports, McDonald's has made a cash donation of $1,000. These tournaments mark a significant milestone for the Northern Marianas Islands, as they host two qualifying tournaments for the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. This is the first time that the Northern Marianas Islands have been selected to host an Olympic qualifier, making it an exceptional opportunity to showcase the region's passion for badminton.

From June 6 to 11 and June 13 to 18, the Northern Marianas Islands welcomed over 100 talented athletes from across Asia and the Pacific Oceania region. The tournaments provided a platform for these athletes to compete against each other, display their skills, and fight for a chance to represent their respective countries at the 2024 Paris Summer Olympics. As a bronze sponsor, McDonald's is proud to contribute to the success of these tournaments and to support the development of badminton in the Northern Marianas Islands. We recognize the positive impact of sports on individuals and communities, fostering teamwork, discipline, and a healthy lifestyle. Through our sponsorship and cash donation, we aim to encourage aspiring athletes, promote sportsmanship, and inspire the next generation of badminton players.

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